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  1. Standard member sasquatch672
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    26 Dec '12 20:47
    Moon, and those of you who I may choose to add to this list - you'll learn alot about who we are, and what this nation is about, from that campaign.
  2. 27 Dec '12 00:03
    Originally posted by sasquatch672
    Moon, and those of you who I may choose to add to this list - you'll learn alot about who we are, and what this nation is about, from that campaign.
    Got Your 6 will inspire Americans to help bridge the civilian-military divide.

    Got Your 6 will provide tools, platforms, and resources that Americans can use to feel more comfortable with military and veteran culture.

    Got Your 6 will create opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate our communities.

    Got Your 6 will change the conversation in America, so that our returning veterans are not seen as liabilities, but as assets.

    Got Your 6 will embody—for all Americans—the values of duty, selfless service, and mutual respect upheld by those that serve in our military.


    In 2011, ServiceNation hosted a convening of every major studio, network, talent agency, and guild in the entertainment industry to discuss veterans’ issues. The result was a year long discussion between many partners in Hollywood, at the Clinton Global Initiative domestic convening, and with the White House and other government entities. In a little more than a year, these conversations evolved into an unprecedented awareness and activation campaign led by the entire industry and aimed at changing the conversation in our country regarding veterans and military families. Got Your 6—a campaign named for a military term meaning “I’ve got your back”—intends to take significant steps toward bridging the growing civilian-military divide in this country.

    More than one million military service members will reenter civilian life over the next five years. In order to best inspire these individuals to success, the campaign works to ensure that they return home as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our communities. Many Americans do not feel connected or comfortable with military and veteran culture, nor do they know what steps to take so show their respect and appreciation of those who serve our country in uniform. Got Your 6 focuses on the activation of the American public through six key pillars of veteran reintegration: jobs, education, health, housing, family, and leadership.

    The entertainment industry is the catalyst for the campaign’s message. Utilizing a multidimensional communications strategy, the industry leverages grass roots work being done by top-tier non-profits in communities across the country. This is a true collaborative effort that will use the best-in-class entities from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

    The campaign is run by an independent entertainment industry steering committee with one representative from every major studio, broadcast network, cable group, talent agency, and guild. To lead the activation campaign and serve as subject matter experts this group is partnering with America’s best non-profits and coordinating with top government entities.

    Awareness Campaign

    In military vernacular, the expression “Got Your Six” means I’ve got your back, and in turn, you have mine. The reciprocal nature of this statement underlies the message that the Got Your 6 campaign strives to spread to all Americans. Got Your 6 represents a powerful show of respect and understanding for our veterans and military families.

    All of the major entertainment studios, broadcast and cable networks, talent agencies, and guilds are uniting to launch this unprecedented awareness campaign aimed at changing the conversation in our country with regards to veterans and military families. The campaign will be brought to the American people though a national publicity effort that makes full use of the campaign’s numerous entertainment partners—crossing television, print, radio, outdoor, and social media platforms.

    Got Your 6 seeks to use the tools and reach of the entertainment industry to reintroduce military veterans and culture to all Americans. The relationships that will be created aid the transition of veterans, create opportunities for veterans to take on leadership roles at home and in the workplace, and provide the pathways for veterans and civilians reinvigorate our communities together. Elements of the awareness campaign include script integration, creative original content, celebrity endorsements, distribution of Got Your 6 merchandise, veteran hiring fairs, civilian-military service opportunities, and many additional programs.

    Activation Campaign

    In order to set up military veterans for success in civilian life, the Got Your 6 campaign focuses on the six pillars of reintegration: Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Family, & Leadership.

    For each of the six pillars, a group of expert activation partners establish a concrete set of tangible goals that can be identified, measured, and reported in quantifiable terms. Activation partners develop a plan to track progress toward the goals, establish a method to engage the general public, and formulate a strategy to utilize the resources of the campaign. Commitments are officially recorded through the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Each pillar is represented by a partnership of “activation partners”. Lead activation partners include:

    Jobs–U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program

    Education–Student Veterans of America & The Pat Tillman Foundation

    Housing–The 100,000 Homes Campaign

    Health–Give An Hour™

    Family–Blue Star Families & the Military Child Education Coalition

    Leadership–The Mission Continues

    The Got Your 6 campaign is housed at the 501(c)(3) organization ServiceNation. As an agent for the Got Your 6 steering committee, ServiceNation serves as an independent organizing body responsible for planning, management, and support of the campaign. ServiceNation provides staffing and fiscal oversight for the campaign, in accordance with the directives of the steering committee.

    ServiceNation has also enlisted the support of numerous strategic partners who will provide invaluable advice to the campaign, contribute unique best practices, and assist in the execution of the activation campaign across all pillars. Strategic Partners include:


    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

    Points of Light Institute

    Code of Support Foundation

    The Institute for Veterans and Military Families

    American Red Cross

    Sierra Club

    Bob Woodruff Foundation

    Operation Gratitude

    Warrior Gateway

    Volunteers of America

  3. 27 Dec '12 00:44
    Originally posted by sasquatch672
    Moon, and those of you who I may choose to add to this list - you'll learn alot about who we are, and what this nation is about, from that campaign.
    I've got your six.

    I was wondering who it was that drank all my beer.