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  1. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    03 Jun '10 15:40

    To President Obama:

    We mourn the latest loss of life in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as we mourn the countless deaths and lives destroyed by this tragic conflict over these past decades on both sides of the conflict.

    Our deeply-held values demand that we speak out against the death and destruction that accompany this conflict, and the suffering inflicted on both the Palestinian and Israeli people over the decades.

    We support an immediate end to the blockade of civilian and humanitarian items from entering Gaza, subject to inspection and screening to prevent the import of arms and weapons. We also call for the immediate release of Corporal Gilad Shalit.

    We urge all parties to go the extra mile now for peace before it is too late: talk to your enemies, open the door to compromise, prepare your people for the compromises that ending the conflict will require. Without this effort, the road ahead is paved only with further violence and destruction.

    Most important, Mr. President, take immediate action, using the full power of the United States, to achieve a two-state resolution that protects Israel and frees the Palestinian people.

    I signed it. I think that all those truly interested in peace rather than one side "winning" should also sign it.

    Make up any 5 digit zip code if you're outside the US. It makes no difference.
  2. 03 Jun '10 15:55
    Any petitions for a sane immigration law?