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  1. Standard memberXYYZ
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    01 Oct '17
    21 Nov '18 16:06

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  2. Standard memberKellyJay
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    24 May '04
    21 Nov '18 16:19
    @xyyz said
    Ivanka, why? Did you forget the 3 word chant from Trump's rally's? Private E-mail accounts are a no-no when sending information that has even a hint of government policy. Hillary learned this the hard way and blew herself up.
    YOU Ivanka, were going to be the voice of reason to your Father. To pull him back towards shore when he wandered out close to the riptide. To roll your e ...[text shortened]... were little.
    The ONLY thing that separates Ivanka's actions from Hillary's is the private server.
    You serous there’s a laundry list of things that only specific FBI agents let slide that kept her out of jail.
  3. Subscribersonhouse
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    slatington, pa, usa
    28 Dec '04
    21 Nov '18 16:28
    @kellyjay said
    You serous there’s a laundry list of things that only specific FBI agents let slide that kept her out of jail.
    The gist of all that is hypocrisy by Trump. It was not only Ivanka who used private email accounts doing government business but in fact 6 people in the WH including Bannon. Considering all the BS surrounding the Hillary email thing, you would have thought they got the message but no, the hypocrisy goes on.

    Come January, it will be a big thing when the house gets serious with all this and many other Trump corruption issues. Not even mentioning PP tapes but real corruption.

    Trump is the only POTUS in US history to buddy up to several obvious dictators but no big deal right? Claiming NK has no nukes now, when the intel community clearly shows work going on in secret bases. NK is playing Trump.
    Putin is playing Trump, Saudi Arabia is Playing Trump.
    Dissing our REAL allies, CANADA for god's sake? How much BULLSHYTE has to go on before his base realizes he is what he is, a narcissistic sociopath with no interest in actual reading where he might have realized it would be a good thing to at least go to the graves of WW1 vets killed, but no, just too rainy.....

    And in the wildfires in California? Not a WORD about the dozens killed but instead, the forest is mismanaged, because of Obama and Hillary.

    There is ZERO empathy in Trump towards ANYONE but one person, TRUMP. How can his base live with that?