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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 22 Oct '13 09:59
    Majority (53% ) favor health care law or say it doesn't go far enough. See questions 14-15 on page 6.

    Favor 41%
    Oppose, not liberal enough 12%
    Oppose, too liberal 38%
  2. 25 Oct '13 14:19
    I wonder if the House Republican oversight hearings on the ACA website will help improve the ACA and thus make it more popular?

    I wonder if more people will be satisfied with the ACA than dissatisfied with the ACA, and thus the ACA will become more popular?

    I wonder that once the ACA lines out and people realize the Republican horror stories are not true, the ACA popularity will pick up with Republicans, especially those with college age children, or having preexisting conditions, or not having to get supplemental insurance for no cap, and so on?

    I also wonder why the Republicans did not have an alternative healthcare reform three years ago, and are only now well-after the ACA is law, considering to propose an alternate healthcare reform?