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    02 Jan '06
    08 Dec '17 17:15
    All this talk of moving the capital of Israel got me thinking, could it happen again?

    So let's say I'm Trump and wish to move the capital from Washington. First, I would need a valid reason. If I were a Dim, I could cite global warming as the reason. Move the capital to higher ground to avoid the pitfalls of sure to be flooding.

    Of course, to do anything in Washington you need to make a killing or no one joins the party. So let's say I start a charity foundation, and I allow real estates types to "donate" their money. In return, I could secretly inform them as to the location which the capital will be moved, so they can then by up land that is sure to skyrocket in value.

    There, everyone is happy. I made money, the real estate CEO's made money, and the capital is saved.

    IT>>>>>>COULD>>>>>>>WORK!!!!! 😵
  2. Standard membervivify
    08 Mar '11
    08 Dec '17 17:39
    The U.S. capital has already moved several times. It was even in New York once.