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Debates Forum

  1. Standard member adam warlock
    Baby Gauss
    26 Apr '10 10:27 / 1 edit

    The five key purposes of this year are:

    To establish a space for leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to gather in an intimate community where they are given the opportunity and information necessary to make a direct impact on human rights advocacy

    To provide a setting for gripping talks from inspiring and energizing speakers

    To create an incubating network that encourages the cross- pollination of ideas that can help put an end to today’s most serious human rights violations

    To build a platform for extraordinary human rights defenders with limited previous exposure to gain increased visibility and effectiveness

    To open an educational window into the promotion of human rights

    Somehow, someway this group of dissidents and human rights activists ended up in the same hotel with Medvedev and his sharpshooters...

    What gives?