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Debates Forum

  1. 21 Jun '17 12:37
    The right wing in the U.S. often claims that the left pays people to protest. Here is proof of paid protesters. Mike Cernovich is a an Alt right "journalist", Cernovich Media, who has garnered enough notoriety to have been interviewed on 60 Minutes by Scott Pelly. In the following video, Cernovich offers to pay people $1000 to disrupt the play, "Julius Caesar" performed in Central Park in NYC. The video goes on for 15 minutes in great detail on how he wants the protesters to remain lawful, if possible, but he will still financially reward those who protest even if they are unlawful. I challenge anyone here to find proof of anyone on the left paying people to protest. Paid party workers do not count. Every political party has paid individuals to run their offices and organize unpaid volunteers who go around knocking on doors or manning offices, managing phone lines and handing out literature and going door to door during an election.
  2. 21 Jun '17 14:15
    It's all true, and Putin is behind it all.

    But who is behind Putin, you may ask? Why it is the same people who brought down the twin towers........the Jews.

    But who are behind the Jews, you may ask? They are aliens who have come to earth to try and recruit slave labor for their universal empire, that's what.