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Debates Forum

  1. 11 Oct '13 04:32 / 1 edit
    Favorable minus Unfavorable

    President Obama +6
    Democrats -1
    Boehner -25
    Tea Party -26
    GOP -29 (yep, that's a minus 29)

    Interestingly, the President's approval rating has increased a couple of points, and also the favorable ratings of Obamacare has increased. The Republican pollster called it a boomerang effect.

    By a 22-point margin (53 percent to 31 percent), the public blames the Republican Party more for the shutdown than the President – a wider margin of blame for the GOP than the party received during the poll during the last shutdown in 1995-96.

    Just 24 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion about the GOP, and only 21 percent have a favorable view of the Tea Party, which are both at all-time lows in the history of poll.

    Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll Oct. 7-9
  2. 11 Oct '13 06:09

    Reagan: We will not negotiate with terrorists.

    Tea Party: We'll blow up the economy if Obama doesn't negotiate.