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  1. Subscriberno1marauder
    Humble and Kind
    In the Gazette
    22 Jun '04
    22 Mar '19 18:391 edit
    According to Sarah Sanders, that is why the Donald is reversing sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department on North Korea.

    His own National Security Adviser, right wing nut John Bolton yesterday said of punishments imposed on two companies for violating these sanctions:

    Important actions today from @USTreasury; the maritime industry must do more to stop North Korea’s illicit shipping practices. Everyone should take notice and review their own activities to ensure they are not involved in North Korea’s sanctions evasion.

    I kept checking to see if the websites reporting this had disclaimers that they were just "SATIRE" but no it is actually true.
  2. Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    23 Mar '19 14:543 edits

    I am way past being outraged by what Donald Trump does and says.

    If someone named Obama or Clinton had been this cozy with murderous dictators such as Chairman Kim or Vladimir Putin, had attacked our European allies, attacked a war hero like John McCain, lied about Mexico paying for a border wall, or even 10% of the crazy stuff Donald Trump had done in the last 2 years, Republicans would be taking to the streets with chains, knives (and of course their little Bibles) As it is, we're left with a Mueller report we've not yet seen, a long line of former Trump aids in deep legal trouble, and a hand wringing Nancy Pelosi who won't do what any Republican lawmaker would do, were the situations were reversed. So what now? We're left with the court of public opinion on this President. It will be up to the voters in 2020 to do what our spineless lawmakers won't do, that is remove this sorry excuse for a President, so we can begin to repair the damage he's done to our institutions, so he cannot take refuge in the White House as President to shield himself from indictment, and so must face the legal authorities for his misdeeds.

    Let us hope the voters make the right choice in 2020.