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    22 Jun '04
    11 Feb '18 18:141 edit
    Originally posted by @whodey
    So can anyone be suspected of being a foreign agent?

    What is the criteria or can they just pick political opponents at will?

    For example, could Obama be suspected of being a foreign agent when he gave Russia access to all that uranium?

    In fact, could Obama really be Putin in drag?
    People who have given documents to Russian spies in the past and have traveled to Moscow and met with Russian officials recently pretty easily meet the necessary criteria for an FISA warrant.

    The uranium thing is garbage and I'm not going to waste time on it. The Obama administration did not block the sale of a Canadian company to a Russian one. That's it. The company is not allowed to export uranium without approval from the US government:

    The current licenses issued to Rosatom’s U.S. subsidiaries, issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, prohibit the company from exporting uranium outside the country, according to
  2. Standard membershavixmir
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    31 Jan '04
    11 Feb '18 18:35
    Originally posted by @whodey
    Governments collude all the time Shav. The US has even tried to influence foreign elections abroad.

    Wakey, wakey.
    I know they have. And it’s absolutely disgusting at that.

    I’m not talking about this from an international-socialist perspective. I’m telling you what the world thinks about your own ability to prioritisd and scrutinise your corruption from inside.

    Do you really think the Dutch or Germans would accept the leaking of documents by a political power during an investigation that involves that political power?

    Absolutely not. The ‘leakers’ would be arrested for influencing an ongoing investigation.
    Omce the investigation was concluded, a seperate investigation would be started to dig into such problems.

    If you can’t trust your police force, you have a major, funadamental even, problem on your hands.

    You have to keep politics and justice seperate. You can’t have politicians directly interfering with investigations. That’s the fast-track to dictatorship.

    Seriously. Those republicans leaking memos about anything to do with the investigation, before it has concluded, are so out of bounds, it’s hard to fathom why they’ve not been locked up and booked with anything up to treason.

    And defending their actions, because of political affiliation, is basically nothing but ripping the fundamentals of the trias-politica out of the basis of your system.

    Moronic. You (and those republicans) have no idea what the consequences of this is going to be.
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    18 Jan '07
    12 Feb '18 10:27
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    weak game Schiff is playing...BTW...has he been on the hot line to Russia lately?
    He can't. It's always in use by Trump or one of his children.

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