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  1. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    28 Nov '11 14:12 / 2 edits
    I'm sick to death of fundamentalists. And I tire of having to explain the irony of "fun" in their name.
    Oh sure, fundamentalism is based upon fundament, we all know that. However, it is typically ego-centrical of them to base their handel on what they are, rather as to what they achieve.

    And not all fundamentalists are religious, although, by George, they do tend to congregate; like fat mice in a tub of lard.
    Fundamentalists are found in every walk of life. Basically, if you ask me (and since you're reading this I'm just gonna presume you are), a fundamentalist is anyone who can't laugh at their own cause.
    Football supporters. For example. If their team has lost, just crack a joke about it.

    Even communists have their fare share of fundamentalism. Just go to a SWP (Socialist Worker's Party) meeting and start with: "A femanist, an abused kid and Hannibal lector were standing in a park..."
    If you can't laugh about child abuse and feminism, what the hell can you laugh about?

    I also think there are degrees of being fundamentalist. Some people become one for a short span of time.
    Look at 9-11. How many people thought it down right disgraceful to crack jokes about it the day after the attack? See. Temporary fundamentalism.

    Or, at a funeral. Say the bottom of your kid's coffin drops from under it, splattering the remains on the pavement?
    If you watch the Big Lebowski, Donny's ashes get spread, but blow into Walther's face. How funny was that? Why can't you laugh at your own predicament? Temporary fundamentalism.

    God damn, I'll laugh and joke about whatever the hell I like, and if you can't handle it, abort yourself (although, presumably, if you're reading this, then the proper term is probably "Euthanize" ) .

    And I'm removing the FUN from your ego-centrical view of the world and replacing it with what you do to me.

    You are now depressimentalists.

    Go screw yourselves.