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Debates Forum

  1. Standard member spruce112358
    Democracy Advocate
    24 Mar '10 21:25
    Quote from TF:

    "My definition of broken is simple. It is a system in which Republicans will be voted out for doing the right thing (raising taxes when needed) and Democrats will be voted out for doing the right thing (cutting services when needed). When your political system punishes lawmakers for the doing the right things, it is broken."

    The notion of getting the center to re-assert an interest in politics is important, I think. For example:

    "First, let every state emulate California’s recent grass-roots initiative that took away the power to design state electoral districts from the state legislature and put it in the hands of an independent, politically neutral, Citizens Redistricting Commission."

    Not sure how I feel about multi-voting, though. Seems to me the 2-round approach seen in a lot of Europe would be better.