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Debates Forum

  1. 16 Sep '15 16:25
    The boring people are the 9/11 responders who got sick while doing the very boring thing of looking for survivors during the 9/11 attack. They need help funding to treat those who need treatment.

    I call them boring not out of callousness but to point to how this subject was treated last time i brought it up. How some people didn't see any merit to these people getting medical help after they got sick trying to help others. They didn't conditioned that help. They didn't ask "hey, if i get sick, you will take care of me in turn, right? Right?".
  2. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Poor Filipov :,(
    16 Sep '15 17:45
    If I get sick I expect those with money to smile and hope for me to die so I won't compete with them.

    That's what those people are like.