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  1. Standard memberbill718
    03 Sep '06
    21 Jun '15 01:031 edit
    We must be entering another general election season. The GOP candidates are "once again" trying to sell us on the idea that GOD is guiding them in their political campaigns. I guess we're supposed to forget all about the fact that there have been far more republicans guilty of sex and financial crimes, than the liberals. How does this fit in to their GOD fearing, goody two shoes image? It's amazing, but there are actually people who still believe this garbage!
  2. Standard memberfinnegan
    To the Left
    25 Jun '06
    21 Jun '15 10:06
    Conference organizers were largely pleased with the Republicans' focus on faith, although some said talk is cheap. A real test, they suggested, would come after the Supreme Court weighs in on gay marriage. The court may strike down state laws that ban the practice.

    "We'll see who's offering political sound bites and who shows up when the going gets tough," said Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

    We just know up which passage that country is disappearing.
  3. Joined
    02 Jan '06
    21 Jun '15 10:381 edit
    It appears Jesus is telling Hillary that abortion is OK and that we should give our money to the government to help the poor..

    We got a rare look, and I do mean rare, at Hillary Clinton's religious beliefs.

    She seems to be driven to spread "social justice" in the name of Jesus.

    Is this a violation of church and state? Is she a fundamentalist wacko?

    When will these God botherers just go away bill?

    We need more "Christians" like Obama. They just profess their faith but never actually go to church.
  4. Joined
    12 Jul '08
    21 Jun '15 18:35
    GOP plays lip service to Christians.

    The GOP is bought and paid for by big money people who want to get rid of evils of Christianity. People who follow the doctrines of Christianity are actually able to succeed without the help of the government. Not all people of course, I'm just talking about people in general.

    Ideas like getting married before having children and bringing up children in a two parent home creates too much self reliance and too little reliance on the government.
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