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  1. 16 May '09 19:12
    They are typed in order of their popularity.

    Apparently the PRI's corruption is making news at a good time when people's attention are turning to mid-term elections. Still, the PRI machine does well during mid-term elections when turnout is low, they use their old currupt good-old-boys network to bring their voters to the poll more than the PAN or PRD can do during mid-term elections. They just don't have the political machinery created over 70 years of one-party rule.

    See from the article:
    "It's an unwritten rule in Mexico, followed by presidents for decades: Never criticize past or present leaders.
    Former Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid broke that rule this past week — if only briefly — when he accused his successor Carlos Salinas of corruption.
    "He promoted his family's huge corruption," the former president offered, surprising even his interviewer with his bluntness. Salinas, he said, robbed from a secret government fund and turned a blind eye when his brother profited from government contracts and had contacts with drug traffickers.
    Salinas "committed serious errors, very serious. The worst: corruption," said De la Madrid, who chose Salinas as his successor under a system that long gave presidents nearly unlimited power until they left office.
    The interview roiled Mexico's political class — and the ex-president's quick retraction caused further speculation about political turmoil. After all, De la Madrid remains a stalwart of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, someone clearly in the know about back-room wheeling and dealing at the height of the party's 71-year hold on Mexico."
  2. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    17 May '09 16:39
    Mexico is a failed state; a huge mental health institution led by the worst patients.

    Face it, copy-pasting clown.
  3. 17 May '09 23:54
    Originally posted by Seitse
    Mexico is a failed state; a huge mental health institution led by the worst patients.

    Face it, copy-pasting clown.
    Seitse, your bitterness calls for you to slap yourself, practice what you preach, you're not gonna slap yourself.

    Mexico remains one of the wealthiest countries in latin america with very high income per capital and low poverty for latin american standards, your problem is with all of latin america, not with mexico.

    Columbia has drug lord problems until the US lent some of wealth that creates demand for drugs and helped them fight it, then it spread to Mexico as a leading center. Now Mexico is taking its tough stand and the growth of violence is being checked even as it spread to central america, which is one reason plan merida (successor to plan columbia) includes aid to central america, because US policies have spread drug lord problem from columbia to other countries and will likely do the same in diffusing it from mexico to central america and the caribbean.