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    02 Jan '06
    05 Oct '17 16:571 edit
    Why can't polygamists marry?


    Is the lack of a polygamist lobby group the reason why they rights are being trampled?

    Do we really want the state to remain in our bedrooms? Do I really care what the government thinks is icky sex or otherwise?
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    24 Apr '10
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    Originally posted by @Idiot
    My religion informs me gay sex is bad. I don't want gays to get married, but I'm to chicken to say these things. Therefore I come up with stupid ideas with the end goal being that gays can't get married. I'm pretty sure nobody has noticed yet.

    Also, sometimes I look at other men's bulges and get a tingly sensation in my stomach. I hope it doesn't mean anything.
    I ran this through Google Translate and posted the results in the quoted section. Pretty fascinating.