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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 12 Jul '09 06:10
  2. Standard member Amaurote
    No Name Maddox
    12 Jul '09 12:26
  3. 13 Jul '09 04:55
    this video is cr@P! why doesn't it show the START of the sequence?

    the video doesn't even show the main event except as a still!

    by the time it shows girl 2 (of 3) she's already turned around.

    talk about missing tape!
  4. 13 Jul '09 05:26
    A true debate, and one I must agree that is not ended by a purported defense video... why on earth would they show a completely different section with missing segments of what happened between the original oggling and the scene they showed?

    I agree Obama was caught with his eyes on the cookie jar... kept his eyes on the prize and a good laughed is deserved by all.

    Good times.