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Debates Forum

  1. Subscriber FMF
    a.k.a. John W Booth
    28 Dec '09 02:05
    ...adjusted somewhat to take into account the spin applied to the alleged world by the actual RHP Debate Forum.

    Top 10
    Recession, stimulus and recovery in the West's economies
    Somewhat new style U.S. foreign policy
    E.U.'s Lisbon Treaty finally ratified and enacted.
    Brutal and abrupt end to civil war in Sri Lanka
    Pakistan pearshaped
    Afghanistan pearshaped
    Honduras pearshaped
    U.S. military started pulling out of Iraq's cities
    Shabby, bloodstained election in Iran
    Copenhagen Conference ends in virtual failure

    Sub's bench:
    Indonesia re-elects a president democratically 1st time ever
    LDP eclipsed in Japan
    Sarrandon and Robbins confirm they have split
    Israel attacks Gaza, killing hundreds
  2. 28 Dec '09 02:56
    what does pearshaped mean?
  3. 28 Dec '09 05:37
    Health Care?
  4. 28 Dec '09 07:16
    i remember! "gone wrong". probly thatcher used the word initially.