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    Ultimate dodge: Tucker Carlson asks simple question 7 times

    “Why are you giving me robotic responses? I’m asking you a human question, and I hope you’ll favor me with a human answer?”

    That was Tucker Carlson on his primetime Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interviewing Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens Monday night.

    Carlson was looking for the answer to a simple question – the most basic, yet profound, question of the entire abortion debate: What exactly is the little “something” with a beating heart, residing in a mother’s womb, that is destroyed during an abortion? Is it a human being, a clump of tissue or something else?

    In a remarkable series of exchanges, Carlson asked Laguens the same question seven times in a row, each time fending off his guest’s talking points about “choice,” “women’s health” and “cancer screenings.”

    Carlson’s question has been the moral and legal touchstone for abortion opponents for decades, and as Laguens demonstrated, one that is virtually always sidestepped by abortion providers and proponents. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and has long received approximately half-a-billion dollars annually in taxpayer funding, something President Trump has promised to end when Obamacare is replaced.
    “What is ‘being aborted’?” Carlson asked at the outset. “If you can hear the heartbeat, what is that thing?”

    After Laguens’ evasion, Carlson asked again: “If you can hear the heartbeat of this ‘thing,’ this fetus, what is it? Is it a piece of tissue, or is it a separate human being?”

    Bringing Planned Parenthood’s VP back to the question after more “pro-choice” talking points, Carlson tried again: “If you can hear the fetal heartbeat, and then it’s extinguished, what do you think of that? Is it a big deal or not, to you? And if not, why not?”

    Finally, after multiple attempts, Carlson doubled down with Laguens even more earnestly: “I’ve let you repeat your talking points, which I’ve heard a thousand times. … But I want to take it just a level deeper, because I think it’s worth it. It’s a big deal to a lot of people. And people say, ‘Look, this is killing a life.’ A heart is beating, you can hear it at five-and-a-half weeks, and the majority of your abortions take place after five-and-a-half weeks. So I want to know if that bothers you at all. … Do you ever stop and think, ‘Wow, what is happening here, is a life being taken?’ People say a life is being taken. Do you think that?”

    As the clock ran out on the interview, Carlson gave the Planned Parenthood chief still one more crack at the question: “Why are you giving me robotic responses? I’m asking you a human question, and I hope you’ll favor me with a human answer. … You can hear the heartbeat. Is that a human being or not? Is it separate from the mother or not? Different blood type, often different sex, different DNA. It doesn’t seem like a tumor. … What does that mean?”

    True to form, Laguens, herself the mother of triplets, answered with yet more “abortion rights” talking points that totally avoided the question.

    “With respect,” responded Carlson, “I know you’re smart, but you’re giving me a series of rehearsed and very childish answers and it’s just disappointing.”

    The host’s parting words: “OK, that was a uniquely shallow conversation, Dawn, but thanks for joining us anyway.”