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Debates Forum

  1. Standard member bill718
    23 May '09 21:03
    No matter where you live in the world, there appears to be little good news. Political corruption, economic distress, enviornmental problems looming, and (of course) which movie star has turned gay, seems to dominate our news today. Want a little happiness? Substitute the time you read or watch the daily news for some of the following: 1. Endgame study 2. Tactics study 3. Anaylizing your completed games 4. Playing over some master games of your chosen openings, etc. I started this about 6 months ago, and found my playing strength is improving, and I'm happier than before then when I was bombarded by the daily (bad) news.
  2. 23 May '09 21:28
    Well, cheerful things usually aren't newsworthy.