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    56 Thread Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    "Let’s face it – one of the fastest way to get noticed on any popular forum is to share useful stuff and contribute. By starting an informative/enticing/interesting thread of your own here on the [Warrior Forum, you can build a strong reputation and get other warriors] to know you, listen to you, trust you – buy from you. It’s easy to participate in an existing discussion, but many of us get stuck up when it comes to starting new threads and actually giving back. Here are a few thread ideas to help you get thinking. Just replace the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ with the topic/subject/product/company/website you want to talk about:"

    1) My Success Story with X
    * The X Formula
    * Method to Do X
    * X Tactics that Work
    * Techniques to Achieve X
    * X Tips
    * Ways to Do X

    8) Resources for X
    * Road Map to Reach X
    * Steps to Do X
    * Reasons About X
    * Mistakes In X
    * Advantages of X
    * Disadvantages of X

    15) Myths About X
    * Truths About X
    * Lies About X
    * Rant About X
    * Ideas to Do X
    * Failure with X
    * Examples of X

    22) Tutorials Teaching X
    * How to do X
    * The X Business Model
    * The X Strategy
    * X - Do's and Don’ts
    * X Vs. Y
    * Difference Between X and Y

    29) Why X Sucks
    * Why X is Awesome
    * Why X is Better than Y
    * Why I Left X for Y
    * X or Y?
    * What’s Wrong with X?
    * What to Do if X Happens

    36) X for Free
    * The Secret of X
    * Results of X
    * The X list
    * An X Days Plan to Get Y
    * Overview of X
    * Case Study of X

    43) Blueprint for X
    * All About X
    * What Happened to X?
    * Your Thoughts on X?
    * Want to Do X?
    * X for Newbies
    * A Guide to X

    50) Stop Doing X
    * What I Love About X
    * What I Hate About X
    * The X Challenge
    * Anyone Doing X with Y?
    * My X Goal
    * X Explained

    "These ideas should give you a headstart and make things easy.
    Feel free to ask any questions or give your own input."
    (Mustafa Khundmiri)