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General Forum

  1. Forum Moderator
    28 Oct '15 18:31
    We do not need discussions in here about why / who /what / where / how.

    Please do not bring the constant fighting from there into other forums.

    The threads will be immediately deleted and forum posting privileges revoked.
  2. Forum Moderator
    30 Oct '15 04:23
    Please note that no clan recruitment or other threads will be allowed in other forums.

    These will be deleted immediately.
  3. Forum Moderator
    02 Nov '15 13:59
    The "Refugees" thread was also deleted now, because the fighting and silly insults were starting up yet again.
    We tolerated one Clans related thread, as it started out as a bit of fun and satire.

    This will not be allowed again, as the "Clans Forum Refugees" seemingly cannot keep things clean.

    This is now the final warning.

    We have been removing Clan related threads, as per the previous warning, but if a fight breaks out again with clans as the subject, EVERYONE involved will be banned.