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    10 Dec '11
    01 Jan '17 14:361 edit
    Edit::: Monster not Moster

    One of Serbian writers had said about newyears "each night for me i a New year, because I never go to bed before midnight", and I could agree with him, my reason only being insomnia.

    A lot of people "waited" for damned New Year outdoors, on this dog cold weather, and I think it is stupid, unless you don't have naked girl next to you. Tomorrow, that is to-day, 80 per cent of them has a severe cold with tendency to turn into an influenza.

    So, I "waited" New Year at home, like an old cat in woolly arm chair, and I also worked. I got a kinda of side job, which is in fact only job, since it is my only little income in next 3/4 months: I have to translate some poems of a Serb into another language, since he is living there, I am not at liberty to reveal name of the land, maybe he is reading this, probably not but just in case, and if he gets the support in state cultural fund, he will pay my fee. Sounds silly. And the poems are silly, and if they decide on the basis of those poems he will get a dick. And I will get no fee. I hope they like silly poems about philosophical aspects of life and death that lies in ambush and waits for us...

    Okay then, I worked until 23.45 listening New Wave music from cd and firecrackers from blo.ody kids outdoors, and then I saw two movies will be shown--> The Deer Hunter and The Monster Club.

    And I turned computer off and made two cups of coffee and grated 2 apples and put 2 spoons of honey in it, and sat in arm chair.

    I saw Deer Hunter million times before (in cinemas also, more in cinemas than on TV), but not recently. And I enjoyed again, Walken and De Niro gave probable their best performances, I see now that were so natural, I think in each next film they accepted a mannerism, like they emulates themselves, and here they are so clean, pure, I see now, that I am looking for such Walken and such De Niro i other films, but there they are self-parodies.
    A movie bigger than life. And best edited scene in historz of film, in the bar when they play billiard and "Can't Take My Eyes Of You" from the radio.
    All right, second best after Hitchock's phone converasaton in "Shadow of a Doubt".

    And then Mosnter Club, a parody which isn't a parody, with Vincent price, Donald Pleasance, John Carradine,handsome middle-aged guy Stuart Whitman.
    It is an omnibus film, made of three stories. It looks like Zucker and Abrahams mada a script in "Airplane!" style, but the Ed Wood overtook and finished it of in hilarious manner.

    I was impressed by - music! The film was made in 1981.
    And they used new wave bands and songs and a fictional "monster psychodelic rock club" to make musical breaks between stories!!

    The Pretty Things, B. A. Robertson, The Viewers - crazy!
    And this was simply hilarious: after the last story in this omnibus, Vincent Price, in his black suit, is dancing on The Pretty Things' music, and John Carradine who is even older than Price also dances, and this i great. They are not silly funny, they are fine funny, they move their fingers as Sinatra to give rhythm, there is verb for that in English, and it is not stupid, it is amazing how old guys can danc along New Wave music, but then I remembered Vincent Price's best pal - Christopher Lee, memebr of SAS, a parachutist who landed in Hungary 1943 to later meet Marshal Tito and who was with Yugoslavian partisans during WW 2 and later was Dracula guy, I altså remembered him, and Lee made heavy metal LP when he was 90 year old!

    Those two horror guys had something to do with rock'n'roll and garage rock and new wave indeed!

    And then I went to sleep. And was awoken by door phone about noon. I turned Tv to see who it was from the camera. Kids. I put some cloths on rushed ad downstairs.
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    Doug Stanhope
    That's Why I Drink
    01 Jan '06
    01 Jan '17 16:48
    I want to watch A Serbian Film again.
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    10 Dec '11
    02 Jan '17 15:55
    Vincent Price is dancing from ca. 3rd minute:::