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    10 Dec '11
    06 Nov '14 09:30

    --- when she saw this. Like she saw a mother brestfeeding a baby.

    At the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, a woman at screening check of the luggage, checked almost everyone's backpack, personal bag, etc. although it was "domestic" EU flight Amsterdam - Copenhagen (was there a informants' hint of possible Mister Bean's attack with retorts from chem lab?) and she put almost everzthing from my backpack so that I couldn't put all back and something I had to push into zhe pockets of my trousers.

    This was the first time I went through so-called body scan and subsequent body search of a man who had a tailor's fingers. i didn' realize at first so I went through, and they pushed me back into a Star Trek capsule and ordered to put feet on marked places and raise arms.

    Very unpleasant experience. Maybe this portable chess set saved me.