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    10 Dec '11
    24 Dec '15 05:54
    This title came to my mind yesterday at the theater while I was watching a play. That's how I "celebrated" my birthday, totally grey and low profile. By the way, I remember once when Terry Jones - Monty Python member - was visiting Belgrade film festival FEST in order to promote "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life", it was winter and he was guest in TV studio in "Festival chronicle", and the host presented him with a cake. It was Jones' birthday and although Jones didn't tell anyone and was in such greyish appearance, as a tired traveler in a subway, but he accepted the cake. He "celebrated" his birthday on the road in a hotel rooms, ergo he decided not to bother himself with birthdays... I was watching that chronicle and thought "I will some day also almost forgot that it's my birthday...

    Ok, let's go back to the title.

    In this play I was watching yesterday, from the gallery in an ideal position to assassinate Lincoln, there is a child role. This child character is supposed to have ca. 10 years. But Th actor is now 14. The play is now 4 year old, and it seems thez will have to find another child actor.

    In the play, this kid didn't know how much time is between half past six and half past seven, and he climbed on the suitcase, so that his "mother" dragged him a couple of meters. And the kid collected "gormiti".

    I saw this play dozen time since 2011, last time a year ago, and at first, I didn't recognize the kid. He grew up.

    They had to change the text: he now knows how much is between 18.30 and 19-30, otherwise he would have looked as a moron. And his "mother" didn't drag him on the suitcase.

    They really should replace him with another ca. 10 year old kid.

    It's different with adult actors in theater, they can last for decades. As for example a guy in the play, he lost a lot of his hair, all right, abut he is still ok. 😛

    Foyer of the theater:
    From the gallery:
    Another pic: