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  1. Standard memberGrampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    14 Jul '07
    09 Jun '13 21:43
    "Household Tips"

    Simply, what works for you? Little things and clever innovations; major items timed to seasonal change. Please feel free to let your memory roam to include household tips you've forgotten since implemented. Also, tips for any and all rooms of your home (closets, appliances, ornaments, decorations included). Thumbs Up and Down Net will be totaled for Tip of The Page.

    1. Spider, taxi driver friend, keeps a Tall Bottle of Brandy in his refrigerator's freezer.

    2. Placing Wet Shaving Razors in Baby Oil between shaves prolongs their useful life.

    3. Sautéing in Butter with a teaspoon of Olive Oil prevents flavor loss from blackening.

  2. Joined
    30 Sep '12
    09 Jun '13 23:36
    4. Spider's idea reminds me. If you do your own oil changes on your vehicle, keep the new oil in the freezer overnight. That way you can pour the oil into your engine without having to dirty a funnel. The oil comes out so slowly that you probably won't spill any even when going funnel-less.