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    06 Jul '15
    27 Jul '19 17:39
    "Blight on Britain's beaches! How litter louts left beautiful coastlines strewn with beer bottles, food cartons and plastic waste during stifling heatwave
    Grim photographs show the extent of neglect - and waste - left by beachgoers
    Heartbreaking image shows young boy playing with rubbish in Blackpool beach
    Have you seen any litter strewn beaches? Email"

    this is not just an "english issue".

    picking up your trash is everyone's issue.

    i expect the "traveller gypsy" people to dump their trash on public land, because they always do, but this is the work of working people on holiday.

    you have no excuse. you are not "travelers" who do it all the time ( i guess because they hate the people whose land they squat on ).