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  1. SubscriberPonderable
    22 Apr '05
    18 May '20 12:56
    @flopwrist said
    If I have to read 10 short stories for a competition I will read the first one and the second one but then I will glance over the others to see if anything grabs my attention.
    Most people will do this also and it ends up favouring the first few stories on the list.

    Any solutions?
    Present 3 at a time and the winner moves on to the next round?
    Obviously it would depend ...[text shortened]... eople.

    (Please spare me the self rightious comments like "I will read them all blah blah blah"😉 )
    So we had the reuklst of the first vote and find

    Release most votes entered at 2
    Dogma 2nd eneterd at 4
    A reason to live 3/11
    The Little piggy 4/9
    In which Reginald goes for a walk 5/6
    Billy Southgate 6/14
    Lockdown 7/8
    Beyond the horizon 8/15
    Soul searching 8/5
    Victoria's wedding 10/1
    Mr. Wilsons' board Meeting 11/7
    Rose coloured glasses 11/13
    Escape 13/10
    LUCKY ME! 14/3
    Cynthia 14/12

    So we do have two of the highest votes at the beginning and two to the end...has the process been fair?
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