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    10 May '07
    12 Feb '14 09:07
    It looks very bad.
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    02 Jan '06
    12 Feb '14 19:071 edit
    That's nothing, here in the US some guy in Florida was swolled whole while asleep in bed.

    That there is Old Testament kind of stuff!! 😲

    They never recovered the body.
  3. Standard memberwolfgang59
    Mr. Wolf
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    09 Jun '07
    12 Feb '14 21:381 edit
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    We've also had non-stop rain since the beginning
    of December. ... Difference is it's our summer!

    This is the coldest, wettest summer for years it
    follows the mildest winter and the driest autumn.

    And they say the climate isn't changing?????????

    Todays weather

    Real feel temperature : 10 C !!! Its supposed to be summer! 😠
  4. In your face
    21 Aug '04
    13 Feb '14 23:48
    I have sink holes in my bathroom and kitchen. 😲
  5. Standard memberGrampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    14 Jul '07
    14 Feb '14 00:22
    Originally posted by Sicilian Sausage
    I have sink holes in my bathroom and kitchen. 😲
    "I'm reading a book about anti-gravity and can't put it down."
  6. In your face
    21 Aug '04
    14 Feb '14 00:37
    Originally posted by Grampy Bobby
    "I'm reading a book about anti-gravity and can't put it down."
    On the Ning Nang Nong
    Where the Cows go Bong!
    and the monkeys all say BOO!
    There's a Nong Nang Ning
    Where the trees go Ping!
    And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
    On the Nong Ning Nang
    All the mice go Clang
    And you just can't catch 'em when they do!
    So its Ning Nang Nong
    Cows go Bong!
    Nong Nang Ning
    Trees go ping
    Nong Ning Nang
    The mice go Clang
    What a noisy place to belong
    is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!

    Spike Milligan
  7. Standard memberwolfgang59
    Mr. Wolf
    at home
    09 Jun '07
    14 Feb '14 00:47
    The ABC

    'Twas midnight in the schoolroom
    And every desk was shut
    When suddenly from the alphabet
    Was heard a loud "Tut-Tut!"

    Said A to B, "I don't like C;
    His manners are a lack.
    For all I ever see of C
    Is a semi-circular back!"

    "I disagree," said D to B,
    "I've never found C so.
    From where I stand he seems to be
    An uncompleted O."

    C was vexed, "I'm much perplexed,
    You criticise my shape.
    I'm made like that, to help spell Cat
    And Cow and Cool and Cape."

    "He's right" said E; said F, "Whoopee!"
    Said G, "'Ip, 'Ip, 'ooray!"
    "You're dropping me," roared H to G.
    "Don't do it please I pray."

    "Out of my way," LL said to K.
    "I'll make poor I look ILL."
    To stop this stunt J stood in front,
    And presto! ILL was JILL.

    "U know," said V, "that W
    Is twice the age of me.
    For as a Roman V is five
    I'm half as young as he."

    X and Y yawned sleepily,
    "Look at the time!" they said.
    "Let's all get off to beddy byes."
    They did, then "Z-z-z."

    Spike Milligan
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    24 Apr '10
    14 Feb '14 15:06
    German people sometimes like to sit in a hole for hours on end just pondering about stuff.

  9. Standard memberChessPraxis
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    19 Apr '10
    15 Feb '14 12:50
    Two guys are walking down a road when they come across a deep hole beside it. Being curious, they go over and check it out. When they look down, they are surprised to find they can't see the bottom. So they drop a couple of rocks down the hole and listen... Nothing. One of them says, "Man, that's a deep hole!"

    Thinking they might hear something larger hit the bottom, they find a big, old anvil and pitch it over the side. The pause and listen intently . . nothing.

    Then they hear a sound, but it is coming from behind them. They quickly turn around to see a goat bearing down on them with it head lowered, flying along, its feet barely touching the ground, its moving so fast!

    The two men dive out of its way just in time and the goat plunges past them, into the seemingly bottomless hole. The two look at each other and say, "Boy that was close! We'd better get away from this thing before we end up with the goat!".

    So they continue on their way down the road until they happen across this farmer working near it. The men again put their heads together and figure that the goat belongs to the farmer and the decide to tell him what happened.

    "Hey Mr. Farmer. Do you happen to own a goat?", one of the men asked.

    The farmer replies, "Yeah, why do you ask?"

    The men then tell what happened at the hole and how they narrowly avoided death in the hole from the speeding goat.

    The farmer said, "Well boys, I don't think that was my goat. You see, my goat is really old and crippled up with arthritis. There is no way he could have been moving that fast. Besides, I have him tied with a rope to a big, old anvil."
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    14 Mar '04
    15 Feb '14 13:13
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    And cruel too.
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