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    10 Dec '11
    03 Dec '17 02:20
    I don't really know why I write this, I guess for two reasons: 1) I don't know you, you don't know me so no harm will be done and 2) I can be disconnected from Wi-Fi soon.

    I am in trouble but helm might be coming soon. My cousin will fly from Brazil to Belgrade to help me. I have deadline December 15th to pay some bills. If i miss also that third month in a row, the things in my apartment might be submitted to the distraint (*forced auction or how do you call it in English).

    His phone call was blessing. I thought everyone forgot me.

    To-night there was first snow in Belgrade this season. Winter began.

    I really miss new tournaments at RHP, most Hardcore and 7/14 also, but I can't afford even sub at this moment.

    As for my novel, I tried to get some feed-back by sending copies to journalists in some papers or in capitol and local radio stations. No results so far.

    My FB "friend" from Belgrade newspaper (*girl journalist from cultural redaktion) answered mu clumsy message-> "send the copy to Amdjelija, she is reviewing new books". I did but it turned out "Andjelija: doesn'y work any more in the paper. I unfriended FB-friend.

    I sent a copy to on-line magazine who used to publish my chess travelogues. Delivered (I used feature TRACE PARCEL) but no feed-back.

    I wrote to a journalist in Radio Belgrade, programme about litetarature, and brought a copy personally under false name. No results, no feed-back.

    I havae a personal contact, a journalist on city radio who is in charge for cultural programme. I left a copy for her at the reception. She confirmed by e-mail she got the book. She eas supposed to invite me in her show on radio. She did not.

    I submitted a copy to a fancy book store in city center and they decided I am not a writer foe them since I self-published it (""bureaucratic obstacles, you have to find a distributer"😉.
    Okay but when I wanted to collect my poor copy the menager didn't have it with her. This girl just said to me:
    - I took it to my lace to read it. I can send it to you.
    - No, I will stop by another day later - I said.

    When I came next week she couldn't find the book again. She offered to buy it off.

    But... When I said the price, she bite his valett and asked for my address - it was too expensive foe her.

    Did I mention that no copy was sold in that book store, only one who accepted to sell my book?

    And I am in financial trouble since my fees are late "due technical diffuclties in money transfers thorugh Europe toward Eastern Europe" (??! official explanation!)

    But as I said, I am expecting my cousin from Brazil.

    Laugh freely, we don't know each other.