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  1. Standard memberSeitse
    Doug Stanhope
    That's Why I Drink
    01 Jan '06
    07 Oct '15 23:083 edits
    Behold! For I am here, speaking words of light and
    guidance to your hearts, oh salacious sinners, clueless
    acolytes of Satan.

    I am The chosen one and I have been warned that these
    catacombs called General Forum are overflowing with
    trolling sins and debauchery, putrid copy pasting
    and lost souls searching for the One True Path.

    Lay your worries, questions, and prayers to the altar of this
    thread and I shall return your humble approach to me
    with the wisest, most profound words of guidance.

    There is no worst blind that he who refuses to see.

    The Official Ayatollah Thread™ is now open for consultation.
    * There is no fee yet if you wish to support my ministry, dial
    1-800-PIMP_MY_SOUL to donate. But if you call in the next 5
    minutes, I am throwing in, at no extra cost, a signed copy of my
    latest book "I Don't Want Her, You Can Have It, She's Too Fat For Me."
  2. Subscribercoquette
    Already mated
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    07 Oct '15 23:12
    Help me to find the right path.
    I tremble in fear with enemies all around me.
    I dread the action that I must take.
    It will be violent but necessary.
    Is there some way to show my opponent that he should resign lest he knoweth the wrath of my next move?