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    @rookie54 said
    cold brewed then nuked hot drinker of fair trade fascinated by monsooned malabar coffee
    thank you for the signpost
    You're welcome! I had never heard of monsooned malabar until a local roaster started selling it in the store up the street.

    Drinking it now. This was a good idea.

    Also, here is how I make coffee (after I got tired of coffee makers and French presses):

    Equipment: microwave oven, fine-mesh strainer with a handle, and a 500 ml Pyrex measuring cup.

    Heat 500 ml of water for 2.5 or 3 minutes in microwave. Add two rounded/heaping teaspoons of ground coffee to the hot water. Let it stand for a few minutes, then strain into the coffee cup.

    It leaves some silt in bottom of the cup, but clean-up is easy.

    This is similar to the way I make iced tea.

    (No patience for cold-brewing -- sorry! 😉 )
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