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  1. 24 Oct '06 08:41
    How much do I need to send by postal order for my first subscription?
  2. 24 Oct '06 16:26 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Russ (Admin dude)
    Sorry, I don't wish to appear that we are ungrateful for any subscription contributions, but dealing with checks of different currencies (and of low value where people have sent monthly checks) and accounting for them is causing quite a bit of overhead. (And I am my banks least popular customer!)

    So, if it is not an electronic payment of some kind, then sorry, it will need to be limited to 2 years at once.
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    According to the current prices that is;

    £33.68 - uk

    $59.90 -us
  3. 24 Oct '06 17:46
    Thank-you Dr Strangelove