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Help Forum

  1. 16 Feb '08 21:01
    i have 2 games in my folder that i can't access and they keep making the same move at the exact same time. i think someone has hacked something.

    the user names are :


    i never agreed to either of these games nor have i myself made a move. funny thing is the game ID is the exact same for both games.

    any help / ideas ???
  2. 16 Feb '08 22:51
    Very odd indeed. The two games are in fact the same game (that's why the moves happen at the same time). You are not even playing the game. Send feedback.
  3. 17 Feb '08 02:19
    Game 4621642

    Each of the 3 has the same setup showing, two boards with same game number, one with no pieces, the three names swapped around.