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Help Forum

  1. 23 Jan '05 21:59
    Can Anyone tell me - Are the ratings on this site FIDE ratings?

    If so, how does a FIDE rating relate to a BCF (Britsh Chess Federation rating). Is there anywhere I can calculate what my FIDE rating might be based on my (very old) BCF rating.
  2. 23 Jan '05 22:49
    I asked a similar question recently. See my post headed 'Rating (ELO?)' , currently displayed on page 3. The general opinion seemed to be that an 'over the board' rating cannot be directly compared to the RHP site ratings as its two different styles of play (not sure I agree 100% with this view!). I've only just got a RHP rating (about 1700), this is slightly lower than what my BCF ELO equivalant of 1792 (using BCFx8+600) would be. It will be interesting to do another comparision after a further 20 games. Your rating will be a bit erratic until it passes the 20 game mark. Hope this helps (not sure it does!).
  3. 24 Jan '05 19:14
    Thanks very much - I'll let you know how my BCF grade ties up with the rating on this site - when I've racked enough games up for the results to be reliable.