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  1. 10 Nov '04 01:27 / 1 edit

    Rather reluctantly asking for help here, but maybe others have had a similar problem.

    I move my king to castle and the rook doesn't then move to complete the move !

    Now, as I understand the castling rule, I have not moved either the king or the rook, neither have I been in ' check ' while waiting to perform this manouver.

    What is it I am doing wrong ? I have read the help page related to the subject and tried to follow the instructions, yet I still seem to need assistance !

    Feeling dumb,

    Deep Crimson

  2. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    10 Nov '04 01:53
    Originally posted by DeepCrimson

    I move my king to castle and the rook doesn't then move to complete the move !
    Just move the king 2 places and click move, the rook movement is automatic.

  3. Standard member thire
    10 Nov '04 07:47
    and have a short look in the faq:
  4. 11 Nov '04 05:17
    Thanks guys,

    I realise that I wasn't comfortable with submitting the move without it completing beforehand, ie the rook switching over with the king before I confirmed the process !

    Thanks for your help !
  5. Standard member TheMaster37
    11 Nov '04 13:02
    Conditions for castling:

    -The rook in question has not been moved yet.
    -Your king has not been moved yet.
    -You are nit in check
    -The squares your king passes and lands on are not attacked by an opponents piece

    You CAN castle after you have been in check, as long as above conditions are met.
  6. 12 Nov '04 10:40
    Thanks for the last bit about castling after having been in check ....... it's been quite a while since I played
    so I will probably be asking a few MORE basic questions before too long !!!!!!

    much appreciated !

  7. Standard member TheMaster37
    12 Nov '04 10:47
    No problem 🙂

    It seems to be something that more people think. My father thought that was a rule as well, but as long as i've been playing chess check does not affect castling per se 🙂
  8. Standard member thire
    12 Nov '04 11:34
    You did ask the question about castleing in general, no? I couln't find a game where you wanted ro castle, but were not able to. 🙂

    PS: games can be easily linked: Game 123456