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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Ravello
    The Rude©
    21 Mar '04 18:00
    I saw last poster on 'The longest thread' is Zach918,but in the last page of the thread there's no Zach918 but CFC.
    is it possible the same guy has two names? it's a silly question,i'm only curious.........
  2. 21 Mar '04 19:29
    The thread shows as it's last page (from the drop down) page 100, but this is not actually the last page - the thread continues beyond that. It's gone beyond what appears to be the maximum (for the pages displayed int he drop down). You can get to pages beyond 100 by editing in the desired page number straight into the adress (URL).

    You'll have to ask people active in that thread what the latest page number is... I wouldn't know.

  3. 22 Mar '04 19:55
    I think it's 176 Is that right....🙂
  4. Standard member Coletti
    W.P. Extraordinaire
    23 Mar '04 00:50 / 1 edit
    I think it's 15 posts per page. That would put it at 169.