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Help Forum

  1. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    20 Nov '02 00:13
    Think the following idea has been mentioned before, but given all the latest
    discussions on timeouts, I'll toss it out again.
    How about giving two options for dealing with timeouts:
    1) our standard "claim victory".
    2) a second choice of "delete game" - regardless of stage.

    If done, have for each one a confirming pop up box that clearly states the
    consequences of each action on ratings.
  2. Donation Luckonline
    02 Dec '02 15:16
    This would be a great option, since I don't feel it is fair with all of
    these T/O victories since the game can last easily over one year and
    there is no way possible to predict your work/holiday schedules that far
    in advance.
    Of course, the players should discuss the reason in advance with each
    other, if possible. There is the possibility that one may become ill
    and that person may not know anyone else who is active on this site.
    I am mostly interested in the games where less than 10 moves have
    been made and the positions are still even.
    if the option was given to the player when they have the opportunity to
    claim a victory, then the player could decide if it is fair to claim the
    victory or not. This should not apply to any tournament games!


    Harri / Luck
  3. Donation legionnaire
    Free Thinker
    03 Dec '02 16:39
    I actually have a question about deleted games - how many moves
    need to be made before the game can no longer be deleted? I was
    challenged last night by someone, and after three half-moves I had
    to go get dinner. When I came back, it was my turn, but when I tried
    to make my next move, I was disappointed to find that the game had
    been deleted. Does anyone know what the limitations are for deleting
    new games?

  4. 03 Dec '02 19:11
    Hello Mike, Once a game has had 2 moves (on each side) it can no
    longer be deleted. If your game had had just one more half move
    then the delete option would have been removed.

  5. Donation legionnaire
    Free Thinker
    03 Dec '02 20:01
    Ah, OK, thanks Mark. I should have made one more move! Next