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Help Forum

  1. 10 Oct '02 16:01
    Need everyones opinion. I have a game going that I am ahead on
    material (just barley) but my opponent made what I thought was a
    strange move and I caputred yet another piece. He then offered a
    draw stating that was not his intent. Is it rude of me to not accept the
    draw? I have played a few games against this person and have
    exchanged plesentries.
    Your thoughts?
  2. Donation Luck
    10 Oct '02 18:27
    It is OK to not accept a draw, especially if you think that you are
    ahead in the game.

    Harri / Luck
  3. 10 Oct '02 21:19
    I would go on with it-- even if he says his finger slipped or
    something, you were already ahead in the game. It seems unfair that
    you should have to take a draw because he was careless.

    If his finger didn't slip, and he just didn't see where his move was
    leading, there's absolutely no issue: the game should go on, and his
    asking for a draw is out of bounds.