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    20 Jan '10
    11 May '14 15:38
    I took the Firefox update yesterday. I had not visited RHP until today. On the main page, I can no longer see "Recent Checkmates". There is a big blank space there now.

    Although I run a few 'privacy' addons, I had no trouble seeing all of RHP last week. Earlier today, I disabled all my addons, refreshed my page, but still see a blank spot for Recent Checkmates.

    I am able to see my current game, bring up the analyze board, and do other various things.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions beyond the normal disable/clear cache/refresh/etc?

    Thank you.
  2. SubscriberKewpie
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    20 Jan '09
    11 May '14 17:022 edits
    I hadn't noticed because I'm permanently logged in so I never go there, but I have the same result with 29.0.1 displayed on a big widescreen PC. So it's likely to be not fixable by you, unless we're using the same addons. I've had no problems with any of the pages I visit here.
  3. Donationmwmiller
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    25 Feb '01
    11 May '14 17:15
    I use firefox 28.0 and they keep trying to get me to update to the most recent version.
    I really am happy to just use what I have and am not interested in updating. Everything seems to work fine and I guess I'm "old-school". If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

    I need to go back and disable the "auto update" option in more of my programs.
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    20 Jan '10
    12 May '14 11:40
    UPDATE: Today, I can now see "Recent Checkmates" area. I did not do anything to my system.
  5. Subscribervenda
    18 Apr '10
    12 May '14 12:55
    Originally posted by Kyplor
    UPDATE: Today, I can now see "Recent Checkmates" area. I did not do anything to my system.
    I think they must've fixed the update.
    My pc did the auto update this morning to 29.0 and there's no problem
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