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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Poor Filipov :,(
    24 Jan '06 17:53
    I just received a PM that I cannot open. The name is not a link like the others, and there is a key symbol. WTF is going on?
  2. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Poor Filipov :,(
    24 Jan '06 17:58
    NM. I fixed it. I guess my inbox was too full. I had to delete some messages to unlock the new PM.
  3. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    27 Jan '06 00:07
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    You been here for nearly a year and a half and only now your inbox is full?:'(
    The site autodeletes messages older than a certain amount. You could be here for years and never fill it up if you didn't recieve a large volume of PMs.