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Help Forum

  1. 07 Jun '10 17:57
    In the past there have been numerous ratings-based public tournaments instantiated by RHP. It seems that there are far fewer now.

    The issue is that certain VERY-highly-ranked individuals are entering many generic public tournaments - there is nothing wrong with this and it's in violation of no rules, morals, or ethics. Unfortunately, however, when the last round or two come into play, it's apparent to all other participants that the tournament title is not generally available, because one player rated 400-600 points higher than everyone else is going to collect the "trophy".

    Does anyone other than myself find this frustrating? This could be resolved to some degree if more tournaments were created with a rating "ceiling"...

    Interested in others' thoughts.

  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    07 Jun '10 23:58
    RHP used to have a lot of options for banded tournaments. For some reason these have almost disappeared. When we start complaining they throw us an octet or a thematic but mostly there's not much on offer now. Keep asking in the Tournaments forum, that's the only time we get any at all ...
  3. 15 Jun '10 19:00
    I have been asking for more banded tourneys also

    There is now an Octet out as well as the duel over the weekend

    RHP said more would be coming after some open tourneys have filled