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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 19 Dec '06 13:15
    Hellllp, having only recently joined the site, after starting a few games and gettin on ok I decided to find out what all the other buttons/ links do. filtering games was the last thing I was doing but on return to my games they had all gone. I removed all filters and have logged back in but still the do not appear in my games though they do in the public games.
    What does this mean?

    Thanks in advance to any who reply
  2. 19 Dec '06 13:26
    Hi m8's, just sused what I was doing wrong, I had left the action link selecting completed.

    Wooops!!!! - Ha
  3. 20 Dec '06 14:14
    Been playing my buddie from Vietnam every day for almost 2 years. All of a sudden today Redhot Pawn would not allow me to play unless I registered. I did and I didn't remember password. They sent it and now all my games are gone....also my original name is wiped out!! What is going on??? Why can't I return to earlier this AM????