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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member Nemesio
    01 Aug '04 17:23
    I don't recall seeing this suggested before, so:

    What about having an indication on the My Tournaments page that states whether or not you have been knocked out the tournament? I mean, theoretically, I am in around 20 tournaments, but in reality, I am only still participating in five or so.

    Yes? No? Not possible? Silly?

  2. Standard member NicolaiS
    01 Aug '04 17:33
    ... deserves a rec. I wouldn't mind at all seeing such a thing. Have to run through all the "open" tours to see it which few I didn't got kicked out yet. 😏
  3. 01 Aug '04 18:19
    that was what I was trying to say in the tread "My tournament page"