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  1. 11 Oct '09 15:46
    I noticed a completed game had occurred in my inbox by an opponent who, it seems...made three consecutive moves against me, while I never accepted nor made this challenge...he registered a Win!? My history shows I never made any moves at all.
    Anyone ever have this happen to them?
    Can anyone explain why this strange "glitch" happened please?
  2. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    11 Oct '09 17:05 / 1 edit
    Looks like some joker set up a "set piece" game with a mate in one.
    Looked again and you are not the only victim.
  3. 11 Oct '09 17:13
    a Set Piece game? Explain further if you would please.
    My ranking never was affected, so why would one want to do that?
    What is there to gain? Its that easy to mess around?
  4. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    11 Oct '09 17:21
    This game you lost without playing a move:Game 6779367
    1)e4 Black no move
    2)Bc4 Black no move
    3)Qf3 Black no move
    You accept the game and white plays Qf7 mate.
    He caught more than just you with that.
  5. 11 Oct '09 17:27
    Thank you for paying attention to this and sharing your understanding with me. I don't remember accepting his challenge.
    Did he gain anything by doing this "sleight-of-pawn" trickster stuff other than having a laugh and putting one over on me?
  6. 11 Oct '09 17:34
    Originally posted by thingmaker
    a Set Piece game? Explain further if you would please.
    My ranking never was affected, so why would one want to do that?
    What is there to gain? Its that easy to mess around?
    A set piece game is a game where you set up the pieces in a different position than the normal start position. It's a useful tool if you want to practise a certain opening or endgame, for example. Set piece games are automatically unrated (the only exception are thematic tournaments, but you won't come across those as a non-subscriber). As to why someone would want to set up a winning position against strangers, I guess they just think it's funny or something. It's also possible that they don't know these games are unrated, or that they want to make it look like they have won lots of games (while these games are unrated, they still count as wins/losses). It is that easy to mess around, but you can take measures against it yourself - you can set your maximum game number to 0, which means that people can't challenge you (you can still challenge them, and you can allow specific people to override this rule by adding them to your buddy list). But if you enjoy surprise challenges from people you don't know, that's obviously not an ideal solution.
  7. 11 Oct '09 17:43
    Thank you both for your responses.
    I am understand clearly now what happened and it really is not a bother to me now that I know.
    I will carry on as usual...enjoying the game and this site and the good people who contribute much to making it a great place to play.
    Thank you
  8. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    12 Oct '09 04:24
    It's a bit like an April Fool joke, that trick. Your opponent had it done to him about a month ago, and he's responded by doing it to 3 other people, one of whom was you. Probably a sign of teenage boredom with no real malice involved or harm done, unless you happen to be obsessive about your win/loss ratio. It's interesting that all the perpetrators I've come across, with one exception, have been paying subscribers.
  9. 25 Oct '09 11:27
    Well, to make all of you kind respondents to my, I had challenged the paying subscriber to a game(or taunted him to challenge me because his challenge limit Was set to zero). And as I thought would be the case, I beat him.

    Oh the pain...the shame.

    "Revenge is a dish that is best served when cold"

    Offered purely for your entertainment :-)
    ref: 6800071