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  1. Standard member paulisfree2b
    03 Jan '03 08:26
    Apparently it is legal to use chess books, and chess databases during RHP correspondence chess.

    Personally, I prefer playing a human, than that human's abilioty to read a Grandmaster's response to my opening!

    I suggest a flag be added to each profile, in which the person can indicate if they use chess books / databases as a reference DURING the game or not.

    Some of us prefer to avoid such players.... and keep it natural....

    This would ne useful for open invites too...
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    07 Jan '03 12:25
    Under consideration.

  3. 07 Jan '03 12:37
    It would have to be tailored per game, rather than an overall profile setting. I play many games where I don't consult books or a database, and blitz through the moves (and lose), but for about 8 or so, in games where I'm really trying my hardest (games against 1600+ peeps), I'll use them as much as I possibly can (and still, erm, lose).

  4. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    07 Jan '03 22:16
    I think that is a great idea!! I also agree with T1000 in that it should be something that could be set per game as well. It could also be a setting in 'Your Settings' and tournaments could be created for only people who have it set on 'N'. I hate playing a low rated player who somehow manages to play at a FRITZ 6.0 strength. 😉

    I'm glad to see that it is under consideration.
  5. Standard member paulisfree2b
    08 Jan '03 15:49
    Thanx for your support on this useful idea :-)
    I like the idea of exapanding the concept towards:
    - open invite per game flag
    - tournaments
    - general settings 🙂
  6. 09 Jan '03 13:06
    whatever you do about this - some people shall simply not say the truth 🙁
  7. Donation ChessNut
    Lightly Salted...
    10 Jan '03 20:45
    Originally posted by Atanas
    whatever you do about this - some people shall simply not say the truth 🙁
    That may be, but at least their conscience will hopefully bother them!😠
  8. Donation Luck
    10 Jan '03 20:49
    What about adding that just as a comment for a new game, for example, an open invite, I will use referense material!
    This could be as a selection on "Open Invite" screen!

    a.k.a. Luck