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  1. 01 Sep '04 15:05
    One suggestion I have is to add a rating filter option when creating a new open invite. Currently a lot of players put a preference for their opponent's rating range in the game name field, but it would be nice to have this feature built in. Then, people checking for open invites should only see the ones they are eligible for based on their rating.

    One more suggestion: when an open invite is accepted, and then deleted in the early stages, the open invite should go back up on the board instead of having to be recreated manually. Or maybe this feature should be an option that can be selected when the open invite is created.

    - dcd111
  2. 03 Sep '04 00:29
    This already exists under the Advanced Options when creating the game. ;-)
  3. 03 Sep '04 02:35
    The only option I get when I click on "Advanced options" is to choose whether to start from a set piece. Am I missing something?

    - dcd111
  4. Standard member Saint Nick
    Pimp of the elves
    03 Sep '04 05:14
    Yep, When you click "advanced options" three new blocks open. The first two are "open invite max" and "open invite min". These are pull down menus that allow you to set the minimum and maximum rating. The third option is, of course, "play from set piece".

    I think most people over look these block as they don't specifically say min and max what. Once you click on the pull down menu you'll realize how it works.

    hope that helps
  5. 03 Sep '04 15:13
    Is it possible this option is only available to subscribers? I really only get the one new option, to play from a set piece, when I click on "Advanced Options". Maybe there's another place to create an open invite other than the "New Game" page that I'm not aware of?
  6. 03 Sep '04 15:35
    I think the feature is not available for provisionals
  7. 03 Sep '04 16:18
    That explains it! Thanks!
  8. 03 Sep '04 17:10
    no !
    i'm not a subscriver but i have the 3 options ...

    BUT ! i think that the name of the game does not be AFTER " accept game offer " but BEFORE !!! That will be better i think because many players don't see the name of the game ( for exemple : only + 1500 ) and they click on " accept ...) and DELETE this game after !
  9. 03 Sep '04 17:21
    Then Rabella is probably right... it might only appear for those whose rating is no longer provisional, regardless of whether you are a subscriber. You aren't a subscriber, but your rating is not provisional like mine is, so you get the options and I don't.

    One thing I don't understand, though: if you have the ability to put in the min and max rating in separate fields, why would you use the game name field to identify that information?
  10. 05 Sep '04 21:01
    Because iot seems most players ar enot aware of the filters. The game name could be anything, I normally use it to ask the kind of game i want like "multiple daily players please."