1. Joined
    31 Jan '08
    27 Nov '20 17:32
    Is there a way to export PGN files of games I have played on the site? Can it be done for a large block of games at one time?
  2. Donationmwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    25 Feb '01
    27 Nov '20 18:57

    This information may be helpful for you.
    This applies when using a computer to access the site.
    (I do not have any experience with using a smartphone or other devices to do any of this so I don't know if it is even possible.)

    Every game played is stored in one of up to 24 folders on the "My Games" page.
    On the "My Games" page, there are two default folders that cannot be removed or renamed.
    They are named "Inbox" and "Archive".
    All games will remain in the "Inbox" folder until you move them to another folder.

    Up to 22 more optional folders can be added and named as desired.
    Games can be moved from one folder to another when using the "manage games" option.
    This will allow you to organize your games in whatever manner that is convenient for you.

    When games are moved to a folder they are limited to 30 games per page.
    One exception exists. The "Inbox" folder can have up to 150 games per page.
    (This is done by changing the 'list max' setting at "My Settings/Site Settings." )

    When you are at a folder that contains games, you can select "Manage Games".
    From any page you can select games to send to your valid email address.
    You can only send selected games from one folder page at one time.via email.

    The exception is the 'Inbox' folder, since you can have up to 150 games on each page.
    In "manage games" mode, there is an option to send up to 100 games in one email group.

    Therefore you can send up to 100 pgn games from an 'Inbox' page to yourself via email.
    (See bottom left corner of "Manage Games" page for sending 100 games from "Inbox".)
    Otherwise you are limited to sending 30 pgn games per email from any of the other folder pages.