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    Hi, how can I save a pgn game? I have chessbase.
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    Originally posted by sigrun
    Hi, how can I save a pgn game? I have chessbase.
    While on the page for the game you want the pgn file for, look on the right side of the game board and you will see a variety of options including a tab that says "PGN". It's next to the messages tab. Click that and a window will open showing the current fen and pgn for that game. You can copy and paste that into a basic text editor and then save it as a .pgn file. Just give it a name such as "this game.pgn" when you save it. This is one way to do it for just a single game.

    Is that what you are looking for?

    There is an option to email multiple games to yourself in pgn format in a single email message but the process is available when managing your games from the 'my games' page. I think you can send yourself up to 100 games at a time.