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  1. 27 Feb '07 13:53
    Does anyone know how to get this site to display the board on a PDA/mobile device so I could play on the road? When I go to the site, the board is blank. Thanks for any information.
  2. Standard member celticcountry
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    27 Feb '07 15:20
    me too. i have asked this question often. no-one knows tha answer, or is afraid to tell me.
  3. 27 Feb '07 20:20

    if that won't work for you, or you use up your 500 moves, you need to switch the main site to legacy board in your board settings. You may find that your mobile device will work to see the board and not move on it. In that case, you may just want to update your notes while you're on the go, or download the mobile opera browser, which worked for me.

    This is all in my experience of using a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC
  4. 28 Feb '07 16:02
    Does anyone know of a browser that will work on RHP using Pocket PC Ver 3.0 ???
  5. 07 Aug '07 08:36
    Just need to bump this as I have recently got a pda and want to play on it. What's the best advice for doing so? It's running Windows Mobile 6.0.
  6. 07 Aug '07 12:09 / 1 edit
    I have a Sony Ericson w850i and use Opera Mini (downloadable from
    From this kind of combination I saved myself from a timeout of a few games once. So it doew work. But I rather play from my desktop PC.
    Try and tell.